Stone World Turkey is one of the largest suppliers of products issues from all Turkish natural stones by offering to his customers' and partners' a full range of solutions:
Natural Stone Products : processed tiles, mosaics, borders, moldings, medallions, sinks, pool copings and also special designs
Decorative Printed Stones : new category of product, you will be captivated and charmed with the ambiance of the result
Porcelain Products : mosaics and tiles
Stretch Ceiling & Lighting Boxes : our professional manager have more than 10 years in this sector and this is our biggest asset
Acrylic Wall Panel : stone imitation made with acrylic a fast and easy solution
Special Products & Projects : we work closely and we are partner with many companies specialized in different sectors that make us able to provide many kind of solution

Decorative Printed Stones

Stone World has started to develop "Decorative Stones" a few years ago. We closely worked with some R&D engineers to create a specific solution for us to improve the resistance of the drawings applied on the stones...

Natural Stones

Stone World has been operating in marble & Travertine sector for more than 5 years. We supply products with many different textures, colors, finishing and sizes from over than 50 manufacturing units in Turkey which is known to have over than 30% of marble reserve in the world...


Stone World is one of the largest stone mosaic supplier in Turkey. Each year we are increasing the volume sent abroad. We started to apply decorative prints for this category of  products also. Our aim is to continuously improve these products by using new technologies and methods...

Acrylic Wall Panels

Stone World can offer also an acrylic wall panel solution. A practical and fast solution for who wants a marble ambiance at cheep costs...

Stretch Ceil. & Lightings

Stone World can offer professional high quality stretch ceiling solutions. We already complete many projects abroad on that area (production & application). We also combine stretch solutions with customized aluminum lighting frame according architects wishes...

Porcelain Mosaics & Tiles

Stone World also already supply decorative Porcelain Mosaics and Tiles at very competitive prices including also pool solutions...